Our air-cooled condenser is commonly used for server rooms and cold rooms which include ante room, chiller room, freezer room, and etc.



Self-supporting construction made of texture corrosion resistance electro galvanize steel sheet.

Condenser Element:

High efficiency finned coil made of 3/8"Ø copper tube/inner grooved tube mechanically bonded into corrugated sine wave aluminum fins with full depth drawn collars.

Design Variations:

Multiple circuits for higher efficiency.

Pressure Test:

All coils are pressure tested on 350-400 PSIG

Extend Supply:

Base frame, housing, condenser element dehydrated, with connections for one refrigeration circuit; built-in maintenance-free external rotor motor, axial fans, connecting copper pipes.

Optional Features:

  • Horizontal air flow design
  • Copper fins / hydrophilic fin
  • Heresite coating for corrosion resistance
  • Stainless steel 304-(2B) or 316L-(2B) finish external panel/stucco aluminum
  • Special Circuiting and header direction
  • With iron base to assemble all types of compressor.
  • Custom made condenser to suite all capacity
  • State of the art sickle blade fans from EBM and Ziehl-Abegg or equivalent fan

Thermal-Matic Air-Cooled Condenser