Chilled Water Coil

Chilled water coil (CWC) is an evaporator coil uses chilled water from a chiller to provide cooling. It is normally installed in an Air Handling Unit (AHU) or a package unit. It requires a fan to draw or blow through it to bring out the cooling from the chilled water into a duct directed to a room, hall, or a conceal area.
The chilled water temperature from a chiller unit pumps to CWC is around 7°C and leaving it at 12°C. The water is circulating between chiller and CWC. There is some time by requirement, CWC is used for lower temperature application. If the temperature is less than 0°C, chilled water has to be mixed with a chemical named Glycol. The fin pitch of CWC has to be increase to avoid freezing. Thermal-Matic will provide suggestion on the fin pitch when we design the coil.


Chilled Water Coil form

Chilled Water Coil Slanting form

Coil circuit


Row counting method

Wide FIn - Low Temperature Coil