Hot Water Coil

Hot water coil is similar to Chilled Water Coil but it uses hot water as a medium. It is made from row of tubes which pass through stacks of formed fins. It is widely use in food industrials for food processing to control Relative Humidity (RH) and timber or wood related industrial as a dryer.

The temperature of hot water in Hot Water Coil is ranging from 40°C to 80°C. Hot water coil is usually installed in front of Chilled Water coil in an AHU for the purpose of controlling supply air RH. As cold air passes across hot water coil and contact with it surface area, heat will transfer from the flowing hot water in tubes to fins and finally to the cold air.


Hot Water Steam Coil form A

Hot Water Steam Coil form B

Hot Water Steam Coil form C

Coil circuit


Row counting method