• Self supporting construction made of texture corrosion resistance Stucco Embossed Aluminium, which enable for easy cleaning. 
  • Water drainage is made of union connection size of 1"Ø.
  • Brackets for ceiling-installation are made of 5mm thick mild-steel.

Cooling Coil:

  • Finned coils are designed with corrugated surface, sin wave, aluminium fin.  Available fin size is from 4 FPI ~ 6 FPI (Fin Per Inch).
  • Copper tube size is at 12.7mmØ and 9.5mmØ.
  • All coils are pressure tested to 350 ~ 400 PSIG.


  • Both axial fan, designed for low noise level.
  • Motor Protected with internally wired thermal contacts.
  • For room temperature from -30°C to +40°C.
  • EBM Sickle Blade fan – Germany.
    • Protection class is IP 44
    • Insulation Class for 14"Fan Motor = Class B, 18"Fan Motor = Class F
  • Ziehl-Abegg Square Blade fan – Germany
    • Protection class is IP 54
    • Insulation Class for 20"Fan Motor = Class F
  • McAir Sickle Blade fan
    • Insulation Class for 18"Fan Motor = Class B
  • OR equivalent capacity’s fan.


  • For EP Model - Electrical coil and drain pan heater are wired to terminal block enclosed within a junction box.


  • Fin can be in Aluminium or Copper fin.
  • Fin spacing: 3 FPI / 2 FPI for blast freezing application
  • Chemical coated (Heresite coating) is available for aluminium or copper fin.
  • Chilled Water or brine solution system.
  • Stainless Steel casing.
  • Thermal Overload is fitted for low temperature unit ‘EP Models’ Unit Cooler to prevent heater overheating.
  • Floor mounting type.

Note! For unit operation under condition different from our standard, please contact us for advice.

Thermal-Matic Unit Cooler - V3 Version